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Bags are now essential in our daily life, bags can be carried by hand, shoulder, back, or even across your body, that is where the categories naming has come from; handbags, shoulder bags, top-handle bags, backpacks, and crossbody bags,, there are other categories with different indicatives such as briefcases, wallets, evening bags, clutches, totes, and a lot more.

A Crocodile Pattern Bag that can be worn as Backpack, Crossbody bag, Handbag, or even a a Shoulder bag

There are tons of designs that look very presentative and beautiful, I am sure that you have chosen a bag or even more, there is always a new shape, color, or design or even a new style of bags that shows endlessly, that what makes you sometimes wonder which bag should you choose from a wide variety.

People bear in mind that a good bag does not only look beautiful, but it also has to be resilient, it should stay in good condition not for just a month or two, while some bags are used occasionally, others are used on daily basis, sturdiness is as essential as good as it looks.

Either it is placed over your back, or carried by your hand, a bag reflects your taste and to some extent your personality, people nowadays got many options to choose from, that leads us to higher standards of preference, either in design, color, shape, or even capacity.

A Handbag by Charm Souq made of Real Leather suits different occasions and uses

Are Handbags accessories that we cannot do without?

When it comes to priority of looks, clothes are sometimes second to bags, as bags are more desirable than accessories including jewelry sometimes.

Bags are so desirable, they’ve become a matchless visible declaration of a woman’s fashion prudence and winning power, and more and more handbags throughout the years has followed the increasing social independence of the women society.

 Whether it is a reality or just a mental fiction, the right bag can make us feel deeper than just a way of keeping things and carrying them all in, something is deeply personal, besides, bags got a sensuality, and this is probably because the bag remains an accessory that is still very closely associated with all of women’s most intimate possessions.

A bag is a container of women’s survival kit for daily urban life, from mobile phone, make-up and related stuff, money, keys, hair accessories, laptops, chewing gum or a change of clothes and many more..

Therefore, a bag’s charm remains unharmed; many men find the complexities of what women carry in a handbag delightfully impenetrable and would not have the guts to occupy its privacy, as many women would feel exposed without their handbags. Besides, as clothes are now becoming more and more simplified and austere, a bag makes you clearly stand out from the crowd, this has its effect over the industry, as throughout the past decade, bags have showed to be growing twice the rate of outfit and clothes.

Hot Fashion Retro Style Leather Backpack

But a curious question arises, what does it take to make a bag of a genuine higher-level status, obviously, a bag needs to have a distinguished design and look? At Charm Souq, we carefully select our design, manufacturing process and know-how to come up with a sleek design, clear cut make, bright and real colors, fine details of a bag of your wishes, this will guarantee that your next bag will not only look distinguished but will also live longer, and if you are new to Charmsouq, you may check our existing customers experience review about our products.

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